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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Talking Software and Reading Challenged

Talking software is not only great for blind and low vision students but for anyone with an inability to read print. I have had the pleasure of working with sighted children that had dyslexia, or some form of inability to read text.

I have used regular talking software and software that highlights the word as the talking software reads the print. In this way the child can follow the words as they are read to him.

Another great component of talking software is when the child is typing spelling words or trying to write a paper, there are commands to get the talking software to read back a letter, a word, the whole sentence, paragraph, etc.

I have seen children go from "not even on grade level" to their grade level within a short period of time. The joy when they are first exposed to the talking software and the hope they gain that they will have the possibility of reading and being able to do their own work, elates them.

Many of the commands and lessons I do with my blind/low vision students, I also do with any reading challenged individual. A reading challenge is a reading challenge whether you are sighted or blind.

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Anonymous said...

I have just started following your blog. Do you have any students that use screen magnification software? I notice a lot of your posts are focusing on screen reading software. Do you have a preference or is it more based on the individual student needs?