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Friday, September 2, 2011

The Joy of accessing books fast

While not so difficult for sighted students, it is a challenge for blind students to get books for school. However, technology is taking the bite out of the challenge and blind students are now blessed with many websites where they can download books quickly.

Only a few years ago, a book for the blind would have to be ordered from a book and braille library, which may take up to a week to deliver, if the book was on the shelf to send...but that time is past.

So, do not let those times when the teacher decides at the last minute that a new book will be required for class the next day.

Right in class, because the blind student, who never goes anywhere without her laptop and talking software or her Braille Note, can go online to one of the best accessible sites around, BOOKSHARE. Click on BOOKSHARE and download the required book before the sighted students even have all the books passed out.

If a child knows technology, they can access the world!

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SallyT said...

You are so right about the access to technology changing a blind child's education. I hope you also address the challenges technology brings to the same education. Inaccessible websites, inadequate knowledge on the part of district technology experts and more can hinder the process! Like always, the education professionals (including parents!)need to be on top of things.