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Friday, September 2, 2011

Creating a Web Site and Technology

The time has come for TechVision to expand. I teach students who come to me from long distances, but now I have other teacher's requesting lessons so they can teach their students, therefore, I have engaged a web technician to create a website for TechVision.

Soon, teachers and people from around the world will be able to purchase and download hundreds of lessons to learn how to use the internet, WORD, Excell, and PowerPoint without a mouse. You will also be able to discover JAWS, a talking software program for the visually impaired.

The expansion of TechVision is very exciting. Picture me here in Washington State, texting and emailing my web technician and creative consultant, bouncing ideas back and forth to produce an easy to use website. I have two text boxes open, my email open, and the communication is flowing between the three of us even though we are in different locations in Washington and France.

I am clicking my keyboard in a flurry, I have up to 3 processes going on two screens but it is all possible because we can learn how to put the keyboard to good use, even those who can't see well can do this by memorizing the keyboard.

Because of technology, within a 30-40 minute time period, I've acquired a site domain, www.yourTechVision.com, and have discussed with my technician and consultant the "look" the site will have. Within a month yourTechVision should be up and running.

In the meantime, I will be texting and on video-chat helping my students....that is another story.

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