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Monday, September 19, 2011

Creating Math Timed Speed Tests with Duxbury

Timed math quizzes in elementary school are popular: The teacher hands out a math sheet to all the students with the math drills they have been working on. The teacher times the students to see how fast they can complete a certain number of math problems within a given amount of time.

Enter the blind student. The blind student has the exact same problems, but his are brailled out on an 11x11 piece of braille paper. He reads the problems with his left hand and prints the correct answer with his right hand (or vice versa depending on hand dominance). He races across the braille page at record speed to finish as high as his peers do, or higher depending on his skills. Hence, another reason why it is so important for blind students to learn their braille print letters and numbers also.

Nemeth lessons (braille math) can be created very quickly using Duxbury Nemeth mode. Duxbury is a print to braille, braille to print translation program. I have had para educators who were just learning braille be able to create the perfect braille document using this software program. I have people taking distance education classes by 6-key brailling their lessons and emailing it to their teacher. Duxbury is truly a gift to the blind world and its power to create a brailled lesson quickly.

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