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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Best IPAD APPS for kids

If you are looking for a few IPAD apps for kids check out the link.

Baby Finger is an IPAD app that has been touted as a great tool for children with cortical visual impairment or low vision children learning their colors and shapes.

With large bright objects and verbal feedback giving directions on objects to touch, children are absorb in this interaction. It is also free, which makes it something great to try out to see if this would be right for your child.

Interesting article to read about how to use the IPAD with low vision children

Another free app iFarkle which is a dice game for iphone or the IPAD--and a completely blind person can utilize this game..fun for adults too.

Click on link for extensive list

An extensive list at: Apple Apps

Watch Video: Just out of the box learning with IPad and refreshabraille

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Bobsmo said...

I've released a new audio game app for blind and visually impaired. It uses GPS on your iPhone or android. Walk to the center of an open field and six virtual targets will be arranged around you. Echo locate them using headphones to determine direction.

Sighted folks can play it also ;)

Open Field Echo Sounder