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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Be that Rare Person and ADD

Be that person who stands up and takes responsibility for your actions. If you do not have knowledge you need, you go out and find it and learn. If you fail at something, you look inside yourself and ask the question, "What more do I need to know to achieve this goal?"

Don't point your fingers at others and say, "You are not doing enough for me?" or "You are the reason I am failing!"

Look at others and see how you can help them. What can you do to improve someone's life? In turn, you make yours better. If you are always looking for ways to add, you will not subtract.

The only way to grow is to continually add. Life is math!! If you are always taking, little by little, you become less. Don't subtract from life itself.

So, add: If everyone keeps adding to the good and to knowledge, then everything grows.

AND, if you feel offended by this, maybe you are taking too much away from life....Something to think about!

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