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Friday, May 2, 2014

A PANIC button for the computer--to get that help now

Do you ever wish there was a PANIC button on your computer, so when all went astray, you could hit it and someone would come on and fix the problem.
Well, for the student and adults working with the TechVision team, that reality is here. Students are at school and something goes wrong: their panic button happens to be texting or calling on skype or iphone or other device and an instructor is immediately there to help them through or they were told they need to create an xy line plot graph in excel and they have no idea how to start. Another senario is an adult is at work and they have just been handed something inaccessible. No problem, a text away is the help needed.
Virtual instruction enables incredible possibilities to learn for immediate need. Email today for your possibility of becoming a student who will have a PANIC button built in to your day to learn those immediate things to get you to the success you are working toward: yourtechvision@gmail.com

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