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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Speaking at AER in Chicago-February 13, 2014

Come join AER in Chicago February 13, 2014, where I will deliver the keynote address. Be inspired by an incredible story of overcoming life's great obstacles to go on and become something you never thought possible. Here is a run down of events
How to inspire yourself and others to do anything!
Discover how to overcome life’s most overwhelming obstacles and put into effect your personal strengths to inspire yourself and others to accomplish greater goals.
1. Determine what your gifts or strengths are to help yourself and those around you
2. Discover strategies to combat personal obstacles to move you onto your true destiny
3. Discover how to inspire those around you to reach goals

Breakout session:
May I have the title of your breakout session on technology, a few sentences describing it and three-to-five learning objectives?
You will learn about the technology that enables success in school, job and life. Watch videos of students using all types of technology and software to become independent. See how to integrate this technology into all the work students’ do.
1. Determine the technology tools that will fit your needs to accomplish needed tasks
2. Determine and discover the different technology that will enable independence for your students
3. Discover the varied tools that enable blind students to accomplish the same tasks as sighted students
Come join the adventure

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