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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

VoiceMyMail-The global and accessible web mail for blind and visually impaired people

VoiceMyMail is the first global and accessible web-mail, conceived for blind and visually impaired people. Till now, they can access to their e-mail box in a totally accessible way, just by installing and configuring an e-mail desktop client (many popular web-mail, promise to have accessibility, which in actually is only formal). The software configuration needs: time, effort and support, and often this procedure need to be repeated after an update. Moreover, isn’t possible to access the email from any computer, as you can with web-mail.

VoiceMyMail solves these problems, because it’s fully integrated with screen readers. The service needs no installation, registration or creation of a new web-mail account: the user just logs in to his personal e-mail boxes (Gmail, Yahoo Mail etc.) straight away by VoiceMyMail.

We started a crowdfunding campaign in order to conclude the development of the latest features of service. We strongly believe that VoiceMyMail can fill a missing piece of digital divide that separates seeing users by visually impaired users.

To learn more:
Crowdfunding campaign: http://bit.ly/1ixj6a6
VoiceMyMail demo: http://vmmdemo.innoviu.com

Thank you for your time and attention, I hope you are interested in the project and you decide to write about it. I'm glad to answer any question, doubt or criticism!

Best regards

Salvatore Satta
tel: 327.61.41.667

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