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Friday, December 20, 2013

Help for Bad skin-open sores- diabetic sores, acne, rosacea, etc

Since moving to Tennessee, I have had some very serious issues with my skin. One being rosacea. I have never had this condition before so I was clueless how to help it. Reports basically said I needed to learn to live with it and being a Type I diabetic, healing was even more of an issue.

After some Internet searching and lots of thought on combining techniques, here is what I came up with and it has completely healed my skin.

First, I diluted white vinegar in water and dabbed on sores, to kill bacteria.
Second, I bought a small face steamer--- Secura Hot & Cool Facial Steamer Micro-fine Mist Sauna w/ Essence Oil and Herbal Therapy --and steamed the sores to open the pores day and night before going to bed. Next, I bought a D'arsonval High frequency direct for Home Use - skin tightening, Wrinkles, Fine lines, Puffy Eye. 

It not only removes fine lines, etc but it was to inject ozone into the sores to heal them. That was the main reason I purchased it. Don't over do it with any method---like any medicine a little is good, too much is bad. 

I found and bought these from Amazon.com

It took about 2-3 weeks of diligent treatment of the above, but now I have smooth skin with no sores. I used the above for open sores on my arms and legs and all are in the healing process now. I continue to do the above regime.

See if this works for you.

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