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Monday, December 10, 2012

Great Spelling APP Game using Voice Over and Braille Display for ipad/itools

Three University of North Carolina computer science students created a beginning spelling game app that is totally accessible! Spellgate, a free app, is now in the app store. Zoom and VO work well with the game. They also added an option in settings so that when you use the Refreshable Braille Device (RBD), you can turn off the picture labeling if desired so that the RBD does not spell out the picture label. (Spelling out the picture label provides the answer!) You can also mute VO and the student will have to rely on reading the RBD letters.

The students will continue to work on the game next semester, so please provide your input! They plan to do some fine tuning and hope to add letter recognition (matching letters) and a way for teachers to add their own words.
Click on the link for more information:

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