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Sunday, September 16, 2012

What do you need to teach in order to get a job for Anyone using a computer and talking software

The debate is huge....arguements abound when people get together to discuss ---what technology  should be taught to a blind child--especially when it comes to talking software and computer OS---well, here is the data on this subject. WebAIM took past data and compared it to today's and here is what you need to learn if you are going to compete in today's job market. Natural trends will show you where the market is going

So if you are a teacher of the blind/visually impaired or rehabilitation teacher for the blind---you need to be highly proficient in these skills to teach your students and universities need to teach these skills to their up-coming teachers.

Screen Reader User Survey #4 Results

Find even more helpful information at www.yourtechvision.com 

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