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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Label Maker Templates

Whether you are blind or sighted, having an easy way to write, keep and print out address labels in a simple way is a blessing and saves hours of work.

With this label template, you can type in all your addresses easily, and print them out whenever needed. The template helps you line up all the information as you type. You just TAB to the next label and continue typing in information. As addresses change, you can easily edit the information because it all runs on a WORD template that is accessible with talking software also.

Avery has many types of templates right at your finger tips; fancy designs to plain. I use the template with 14 place holders for addresses. I have all my addresses typed out on several sheets, so any holiday or party that comes along, I can easily and quickly print out all the labels and stick to the envelopes. You will need to buy the labels from Avery or any Office supply store, then you can use these templates for easy label making.

While you are on the site, you will notice there are templates for many other types of labels too: return and shipping labels,business cards and so much more.

Links to get to Avery
Avery Labels

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