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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Apple Applications for Students and IPAD- ITOUCH- or IPHONE

Apple Applications for Students and IPAD- ITOUCH- or IPHONE

If you go to http://public.me.com/reece2 and log in you can pull up the electronic version of this list and it will take you direct to apple app store.

Lessons at iTools

• iBooks- free
• Quickvoice- free (can record a student voice and play back)
• Dragon Dictation- free
• GoodReader- $.99 cents (plays movies, read excel spread sheets)
• Google Mobile Apps- free
• TapTyping- free
• Speak it- $1.99 (can cut and paste anything and it will read text) can get Spanish or other languages for additional $1.99
• Goldilocks- free (electronic text book)
• Audiobooks- free
• Bob Books Reading Magic Lite booboo’s- FREE
• Toy Story toystoy- FREE (electronic text to speech Disney book)
• Milly Molly and the Bike Ride- $4.99 for up to 14 books
• Alice for the IPad Lite alicelite- FREE
• Sentence Builder- $2.99 (gives context clues and picture to build sentence)
• Stanza reader-Free
• Soundnote for iPad- $4.99 (can record, take notes, then email or dropbox)
• WebReader- $1.99 will read anything on the web
• Voice Over (part of accessibility options in settings)
• Closed Captioned movies (movie app)
• SpecialEd eCOVE- Free- used for teacher evaluations and collecting data
• Proloquo2go AAC app-$189.99 (basic picture communication with voice)
• TapToTalk- Free
• Typ-O-HD typo- FREE
• iCommunicate- $4.99
• SoundAMP- Free ( amplifies sound for students hard of hearing)
• Pronunciation Power-$2.99- great for SLP or like Lindamood reading LIPS
• Braille trainer -$1.99
• iSignLite- Free (demonstration of of sign language)
• Sign4Me-$9.99 more advanced sign language app
• SpecialEd Observation-eCOVE FREE
• Pages App- $9.99 like Microsoft word
• Numbers app-$9.99 like excel Microsoft
• Keynote-$9.99 like Microsoft PowerPoint
• Mathboard-FREE- helps with math facts and demonstrations
• StarWalk- $2.99 (shows stars in sky works off of GPS)
• Frog Dissection- $2.99 (actually dissect a frog without the yuck)
• Pearson Factoring Pearsonfactor- $3.99 this one is really great, it has live lectures from the authors of the textbooks!
• The Elements- Chemistry
• Shakespeare & Bits- Wish we all had this one in HS, it reads the Shakespeare story, has the words highlighted and then will interpret words if tapped on. Right now they only have Romeo and Juliet

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