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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Keystroke Lessons at yourtechvision.com

For lessons on using only keystrokes, go to yourtechvision.com

If you want to advance in your computer skills and do it the fastest way possible through keystrokes, then this site is for you:

At yourtechvision.com hundreds of lessons are ready to download, on Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint and Word, other lessons on Braille Note and other blind technology under OTHER TAB and Mac-iPad-iPhone lessons under the Mac/iTool Tab--skills to learn yourself or teach a student. All lessons are compatible with Jaws talking software too.

If you are low vision, there are dozens of lessons to see your computer better too- yourtechvision.com under the Low Vision Tab

If the lesson is not there that you need, make a request and it will be written up for you and added to the site

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