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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Hundreds of Lessons using only keystrokes for Blind/Visually Impaired

The questions of "Can I get lessons exclusively for my student's issues at yourtechvision.com?" and "Can my district write a PO for the lessons instead of buying one lesson at a time?" are popular, so let me address those 2 big questions.

YES! Make your special request at: yourtechvision.com/contact. Download all the lessons you need at www.yourtechvision.com

Lessons all based on keystrokes using Jaws or Window Eyes, on Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Word, JAWS/Internet, Other blind tools, such as the braille note, refreshabraille, Focus, Bookshare and more are but a click and download away.

Register, log in and acquire the lessons that will help you learn. Make a request on the contact page for a free private virtual lesson with any purchased product to get you up and running.

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