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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Iphone, texting and talking software

Picture you as a student sitting in class working on your laptop and the teacher asks you to input formals into excel and make them fit correctly and you have forgotten how to do this. Everyone around you uses a mouse to get to where they are going so you cannot ask them for help.

But you have another weapon. You pull up gmail and a text box, while using your talking software and start texting your teacher of the blind who happens to be hundreds of miles away from you physically, but right beside you virtually. You ask her how to enlarge the boxes in excel to make them fit the content. The answer comes back swiftly.

On the teacher's side, she can either be sitting at her computer to text back or have email on her iphone. Today, she happens to be out grocery shopping and the text comes in. She stops right where she is at to text the answer back to the student without missing a beat. This is actually faster than if the teacher was in the school building and someone would have to go track her down.

Ok, for me I am usually NOT out shopping and working at my computer helping my students around the country. BUT, if I wanted to be out shopping I could be. It is always the possibility of what we want to look for, not restriction. Technology allows the possible!!

For iPhone lessons, go to: iTools

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