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Monday, June 28, 2010

Finding the humor in education

One of my students whom I am working with this summer and I are pen pals. She has many other people she is brailling letters to also as this is a great way to get kids reading and writing braille. So last week she received my letter but she did not know it was from me. It started out: "Now make sure you use complete sentences." and she turned to her mom and asked, "Why would one of my friends tell me to use complete sentences?" When she finished the letter and read my signature, she soon realized that the letter was from her teacher and now she understood why the direction at the beginning.

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K. Aqua said...

This is a helpful blog for parents of blind children. I love your garden project with blind students. There is so much potential there! I am interested in getting a similar project going at our school.

I am adding a link to your blog to my website on raising blind children, and look forward to more great blog posts!